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Hazard Perception Test Explained

Watch the following official DVSA video guide to find out more about the hazard perception test.


What is the hazard perception test?

Apart from the multiple choice questions the theory test also consists of the hazard perception test. The hazard perception test is made up of 14 video clips, each showing an everyday road scene. 13 out of 14 clips contain one developing hazard whilst one of the clips contains two. Depending on how fast you react to the developing hazards shown, you can score up to 5 points per hazard.

What is a hazard?

So what hazards do you look for? The clips you will see in the hazard perception test will contain developing as well as potential hazards. A potential hazard is something you need to be aware of but does not require you to take any action. On the other hand a developing hazard is a thing that would make you take some kind of action, examples include slowing down, stopping or changing direction.

How to prepare for your hazard perception test?

Best revision for the hazard perception test is to practice by watching the CGI and other video clips on this page. Practice as much as you can before booking your test. Make sure that you are comfortable with the mock tests, before paying for the real one.

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Tips and advice on the hazard perception test

There are no right or wrong answers in the hazard perception test, the only thing that is being tested is your hazard awareness and your ability to react to developing hazards. When you take your hazard perception test try to click on the mouse as soon as you spot a developing hazard to ensure you get full marks. You do not lose points by clicking on potential hazards. However don’t click continuously on everything shown in a clip or in a particular pattern, as a warning will come up on the screen and you will receive 0 marks for that clip. Each time you click on the mouse, a red flag will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Things to look out for:

  • Pedestrians about to cross the road
  • Cars pulling in front of you
  • Buses moving away from the bus stop
  • Merging vehicles
  • Turning vehicles
  • Braking vehicles
  • Parked up vehicles with hazards lights on
  • Cyclists

How to book your test?

You can book your test using the official government website. In order to book a test you must have a provisional driving licence. The test will consist of multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test. You need to pass both parts to receive a pass in theory test.

Is the test the same for cars, motorcycles and LGVs?

The clips used in the Hazard Perception part of the theory test are the same for all vehicles. The number of clips, however differs.

Get help with hazard perception test

Take a look at the sample CGI clips on our website. The Hazard Perception test is explained in the official DVSA Introduction video.

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