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Our learning materials comes from the DVSA and Government sources

800+ practice questions that cover all testable topics.

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Send an invitation to your pupils to join Theorypass.

Your pupils will have full access to the quality revision materials, designed to make them pass.


Watch your pupils progress and complete the revision kit.

Glance at how your students are progressing. Know who is booking their test without sufficient preparation.


Identify areas of improvement for each pupil.

Every pupil learns differently. Use the individual progress metrics to provide bespoke guidance.

Interactive learning

Its fun to learn
on Theorypass

Experience our engaging &
interactive learning

Instant feedback

Know if you answered correctly straight away. Learn in the moment.


Understand the reasoning behind correct answers.

Test reviews

Get a detailed summary of your answers and explanations at the end of the test.

Learn from mistakes

Revisit all of your incorrectly answered questions, and practice them again.

Question voiceover

Play an audio recording of the question and options.

DVSA revision material

2000+ questions in total licensed from DVSA.

Hazard perception tests

34 CGI hazard perception clips just like one you get in the real test.

Unlimited practice

Unrestricted and unconstrained access to theory learning resources.

Guaranteed pass

We have a 100% pass-rate based on our small testing sample.

Road signs

200 questions to cover all the road and traffic signs you need to know.

Mobile friendly

You can download our mobile app to study offline. Or just use our website on mobile.

Multi-device ready

Practice on multiple devices. Sync your progress across your phone, laptop and more.

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    • Why Theorypass?

      Our philosophy is to provide you with a minimalistic, yet powerful learning experience that enables you to learn the rules of the road and subsequently pass your theory test. Theorypass sets you in control of your learning. If you value minimalism and independent learning at your own pace, without any additional clutter, consider this app as your choice.

    • Theorypass vs other apps

      All of the 'offical' apps use the same learning material licensed by the DVSA, which Theorypass also uses. The revision materials contain a question bank and CGI hazard perception clips. The difference is how this content is presented and absorbed by the learner. We focus on great and functional user experience. From alrogrithms that power the app behind the scenes to minimalistic interfaces that you will love, everything is designed to improve your learning experience.

    • Why do I need to practice for my theory test?

      The Government states a national passrate of around 50%. This means that you should take your preparation seriously and complete the DVSA practice materials to become a safe road user. Everything you need to know for your theory test is available on our website and app in an easy to understand format. So put it the time to prepare to become a safe driver and subsequently pass your theory test.

    • Where is your revision material from?

      Our learning materials is licensed from the official sources like the DVSA and the UK Government.

    • How up-to-date are your revision materials?

      We receive updates from the DVSA and apply the changes to the learning materials if required. Theorypass includes only the latest and up-to-date theory questions and hazard perception video clips.

    • What types of vehicles does the app cover?

      Our learning materials cover all categories of vehicles: motorcycle, car, HGV, LGV & PCV and ADI.

    • How long does it take to prepare for the theory test using Theorypass?

      The preparation time is linked to completing and understanding the learning material. Most learners find that consistent study over 2-4 weeks is sufficient. In more extreme cases, people have completed the full theory kit over the span of a single weekend.

    • How similar are the mock tests to the real theory test?

      Our practice questions and hazard perception clips are similar to those your will find in the real test. However, the DVSA has a secret question bank for real tests to prevent the memorisation of the correct answer during revision. So make sure to learn and not memorise.

    • How does Theorypass track my progress?

      Theorypass analyzes your past test responses to provide you with detailed analytics around your progress. You can use this data to know which areas of your theory prep need further study and when you are ready for the official test.

    • Do you have a mobile app?

      Our mobile app is scheduled to be released in April. You can download our mobile app to study offline. Or if you have an internet connection, you can use our website on any device as it is designed to be mobile responsive.

    • Do I need an internet connection to use the app?

      You can download our mobile app to study offline. Or if you have an internet connection, you can use our website on any device as it is designed to be mobile responsive.