Highway Code

The 'Better' Highway Code

The Highway Code is essential reading for all road users, including pedestrians, mobility scooter users, cyclists, horse riders, drivers and motorcyclists.

Highway Code and your theory test

Your theory test is based on the information contained in the Highway Code. You can also use a theory revision kit, which is designed to help you study for the theory test in an interactive way.

Note that revision kits are not the substitute for reading the Highway Code. They are the 'minimum requirement' and help you pass. It is strongly recommended to read the Highway Code to make the roads safer for yourself and others.

Refer to the following information to help you revise and prepare for the test:

Why the 'Better' Highway Code

This highway code is always updated to contain the same information as the official highway code (opens in a new tab). But in addition, it's more accessible than the original.


In particular, this version of the highway code contains the following improvements:

  • Better readability
  • Intuitive search features
  • PDF export
  • Accessibility features
  • Future Audio narration

You are free to read either of the versions - both aim to teach you the rules of road to ensure that you are a safe driver.

How to use the 'Better' Highway Code

  • Use the left table to navigate through the sections
  • Use the right table to search for page related information
  • Use the search bar to find specific content and references
  • Study all available content

Download the Highway Code as PDF

Downloadable PDF versions of the Highway Code for:


This work is the reproduction of the Highway Code and is reproduced under the Open Government Licence (opens in a new tab).